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Photo of sucrose genshin impact
hello, i'm sugar!! ^^♡ (she / fae / love) i'm a genderfae lesbian n an ageslider (17-19) who's part of an osdd system (you may know our host, lain/sapphie!! body is a minor and black!!) i like animals, nature, n reading!! this site is still a wip as i'm learning coding, so please be patient with me!! ^o^ i'm an introject of sucrose from the game genshin impact, and it would make me so very happy if you separated me from her! i love my source a lot, and i adore seeing art of her, i just don't want to be seen as her! albeit, i love seeing art of her and my friend, barbara! and i love to meet sourcefriends!
hello, i'm sugar!! (it / bun / love) and this site is a wip as i learn to code,, thank you for being patient with me ^^

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